We recently Purchased 2 Acres and will be building a New Kennel and Canine Enrichment Center in addition to our daycare in town.

The Members only center will include several activities geared toward our dog friends.

Dock diving, flyball, Treiball, lure-course, agility and other activities, along with member selected training classes will be offered. Private, secure, safe and sense of community is our goal for the new center.

In addition, members will have access to the kennel for inside space. Other perks will be priority boarding in one of our rooms. Rooms will be anywhere from 30 to 150 sqft. We will be increasing to 30 kennels, up from our 10 we currently have in town.

Drive by 21510 E Hwy 20 to view the Property. We hope to have the outside activities ready for use by the first of the year (2019) and the Kennel in early 2020.

Heres a rough draft of the property: Click to view

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