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Doggy Daycare in Bend

Wag Bend offers drop-in and reservation dog daycare in Bend, Oregon, at our location on Textron Dr. off of 9th Street near Bend Senior High School. We have packages available, including drop-and-go full and half-day rates with no expiration date and monthly packages that expire within 30 days. Your dog will love the free-range play and socialization they experience at Wag Bend. Our facility features “free range play,” which means your dog won’t be alone in a cage all day. Dogs that come to play at Wag Bend socialize with other pups, run free around the facility and enjoy personalized attention.


We currently have a waitlist for admission. Contact us for a questionnaire to be considered for admittance to our daycare. We will contact you when we have an opening.

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Big Dogs

Wag Bend separates the pack into two groups, big and small dogs. Our big dog area includes indoor and outdoor spaces designed to let your larger canines exercise with ease. Our entire population of dogs has been through our screening process and spend all day running together. We have fenced kennel areas that can be used when a dog needs a break or needs to be separated from the population temporarily. Outside, big dogs enjoy the fresh air and during the warm months, we have small pools for them to play and cool off.

Small Dogs

Bend residents and visitors looking for small dog daycare also enjoy the convenience of free range play with our separate areas designed for their stature. Small dogs who come play at Wag Bend have indoor and outdoor spaces to run free and play to their heart’s content. We separate the big and small dogs to make sure every animal that attends dog daycare at Wag Bend has the best possible experience and they feel comfortable here. Bring your small dog in for a trial screening to see if Wag Bend would be the right fit for your dog daycare needs.

Bringing Your Dog to Wag Bend


If you are interested in becoming a client at Wag Bend, please contact us for a questionnaire that we’ll use for your consideration. A $25 appointment is required and all dogs must pass this screening, which takes 2-4 hours, in order to qualify to attend dog daycare at Wag Bend. No intact males over 6 months old, and no females after first cycle.

Vaccinations needed:

Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza, please consider a flea/tick/lice treatment program.

Email us for a questionnaire for new dog trials at Wag Bend. We currently have a waitlist and will contact you when we have an opening.

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Enroll your pup in doggy day care. Request a questionnaire.